Cross Country Home Services Teams Up With SmartThings to Offer Unique Home Automation and Services Solution

At Cross Country Home Services, we’ve solved our customers home service needs by connecting them with top service providers for more than 30 years. Now, we’re looking into the future to connect directly with our customers’ homes.

As recently mentioned in in Forbes and TIME, CCHS is entering the “smart-home” space through its strategic relationship with mobile app and platform provider SmartThings. As the second-largest home warranty provider in the U.S., we are able to connect SmartThings customers with our network of expert contractors for the installation of SmartThings systems, in addition to home maintenance and repair of common home items like appliances, heating and cooling systems or water heaters.

Customers will be able to access CCHS’ full range of services via the SmartThings mobile and app experiences.  Plus, if SmartThings sensors or systems alert a homeowner to a broken system or appliance, our pre-screened technicians can be automatically dispatched to resolve the issue.

Savvy homeowners want to be protected against the unexpected, and to be able to act quickly when problems arise. An automated, app-monitored home — backed by a vast service network — can help them detect problems early, regulate energy use and save money.

Let us know in the comments: Are you looking to make your home “smarter” with technology?

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